Wednesday, 30 March 2011

How to download google chrome(For Blackshot)

  1. If you're using internet explorer type this in your website box(
  2. You will see download google chrome on your top right...
  3. Press Download!!!
  4. Click Install 
  5. Browse the file at Destop
  6. After installing,it will say (thank you for downloading)...
  7. At the destop there will be an icon that looks like a ball
  8. At last click it.....
  9. Remember=You need google chrome to install BLACKSHOT

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Modes And Maps of BLACKSHOT


SD(Sand Storm 2,Titan Valley,Hans Cargo and More)
TDM(Panic Space,Gallery,Lost Temple and More)
TFM(Sand Storm 1,Roponggi,Mean Street and More)
BD(Bunker's Base)

Controls Of Player


(Enter Chat)Enter
(All Chat)F2
(Team Chat)F3
(Clan Chat)F4

(Backpack Items)5
(Throw Grenade)Left Mouse
(Use Weapon)Left Mouse
(Scope,Secondary Weapon)Right Mouse
(Drop Weapon)G
(Previous Weapon)Q

(Mouse Sensitivity)[,]
(Help Mode)F1
(Partner Mode)Ctrl+F1
(Radio Message)Z,X,C
(Partner Menu)Caps Lock
(Partner View)F
(Micro Message)V
(Gears View In Game)M
(Kick Player)F12

How to download blackshot

  1. Go To
  2. Click On Download(Game Client)
  3. Click On Download(Free To Play)
  4. Browse The File
  5. Click Install
  6. After completing,there will be a blackshot icon on where you put the file in.
  7. Then,go to
  8. Click Member Login(Register A New Account)
  9. Type in your(E-mail,Username,Password,Re-enter Password,Country and click I agree to the terms of service)
  10. Click Register Now
  11. After it's done,go to blackshot and type in your Username and Password
  12. Click Start Game
  13. If the file is corrupted, go re-install the installer to get the file checking
  14. HAVE FUN

(Blackshot) Create Your Character

  1. Click on Create Character
  2. Choose a Soldier
  3. Choose Skin Colour
  4. Input Your Nickname
  5. Connect To A Server
  6. Have Fun

Wednesday, 23 February 2011